Outgoing SALSA Exec 2015-2016

Hello everyone! It’s that time again. These are your outgoing SALSA executives for 2015-2016. Some of them are graduating, and some have been re-elected to serve again.

Reana Deng – (Co-President: Speech Science)


Hello everyone!  My name is Reana and I am one of your co-presidents this year.  I am

currently in my fourth year Honours in Speech Sciences program.  I love all clinical

applications of Linguistics and making weird noises that my roommate comes to

investigate in the middle of the night.

Orinna Yeung – (Co-President: Speech Science)


Hi! My name is Orinna and I’m in my fourth year at UBC majoring in Speech Sciences

and minoring in Commerce. I’m interested in clinical topics related to speech or

language so I plan on pursuing a masters in Speech Language Pathology after my

undergrad. I’m very excited to be a co-president of SALSA this year. If you see me

around campus, feel free to say hi!

Lauretta Cheng – (Treasurer)


My name is Lauretta Cheng and I am in my 3rd year of Speech Sciences. In terms of

linguistics, I find myself drawn to topics like speech perception, language acquisition,

and bilingualism, and I have also been involved in research. Some of my hobbies

include painting, knitting, collecting scarves, and practicing karate!

Alfred Ko – (AUS Representative)

Hi, I’m Alfred. I’m the AUS Representative and currently studying Speech Sciences. I

have a big passion for linguistics, so if you would like to sit and chat about phonetics,

phonology and stuff from different languages or dialects of English for fun, you know

who to talk to!

Angela Chung (Secretary)


My name’s Angela and I’ll be in my 4th year in the fall. I’m a Speech Sciences major like

everyone else in SALSA, but don’t be discouraged talking to us about linguistics! My

favourite topic so far has been sociolinguistics.

Project Manager— Tiffany Doe


Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany, and I am currently a third year major in Speech

Sciences. I grew up around many different languages, coming from a multicultural

background, and that’s what sparked my interest in Linguistics. I love phonology and I’m

especially fascinated by language acquisition, so I’m hoping to work in a related field in

the future. I’m super excited to be SALSA’s first Project Manager and I have high hopes

for what our exec team will accomplish this year!

Web Representative— Ryan Hill

I’m in 3rd year Speech Science, and my favorite aspect of linguistics is physiology of

speech and phonetics. I’m also interested in concepts related to applying models from

biology to robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as research on sign languages.

I’m a huge nerd (but who studying linguistics isn’t) and I love pretty much everything sci-

fi related.

Also, I’m camera-shy. Sorry.

Events Coordinator—Fiona Kao


I’m a fourth year speech science student and I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life. I love to

try new things, explore the city and spend my time with friends. My most memorable

summer was spent with my family on a road trip down the west coast of America where

we visited over 10 national parks.

Events Coordinator— Diana Menendez

Diana Menendez

Hi everybody! My name is Diana and I am one of the event coordinators for SALSA. I am

currently a 3rd year student majoring in Linguistics with a minor in International

Relations. I like editing, anime, video games, and being involved in my community!

Undergraduate Representative—Lisa Vu


My name is Lisa and I am in /ləv/ with life, languages, lollipops and anything that begins

with the letter “l.”  I speak English and Vietnamese fluently.

This year, I have the incredible opportunity of working alongside talented individuals in

SALSA. As the Undergraduate Representative, I’m excited to be bringing my ideas and

enthusiasm to this team. If you ever see me around, make sure to say “hi!” I would love

to learn from you and if you would like, I can offer to teach you some Vietnamese, “pho”