Welcome to the UBC Speech and Linguistics Student Association (SALSA)!

SALSA is the official undergraduate society affiliated with the UBC Department of Linguistics. We represent students from the various language-related fields of Linguistics, First Nations Languages and Linguistics, and Speech Sciences, with members also specializing in Cognitive Systems, Psychology, French, Spanish, Anthropology, and many other disciplines! All are welcome to join.


As a SALSA member, you’ll get lots of great benefits during your time studying Linguistics at UBC! We offer academic and career planning support in programs and events like Peer Tutoring or Career Panel talks, as well as providing information on many new research or volunteer opportunities as they come up. We also hold social events for students wanting to unwind and connect with their classmates and more!

If you’d like to be the first to get our updates on events, services and exclusive opportunities, get on our mailing list by signing up as a SALSA member! Find us at Imagine Day, Clubs Day and any of our events or contact us at ubc.salsa@gmail.com.

Our news and other interesting tidbits are also posted on SALSA’s Facebook page, so make sure to check that out!


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