Exec 2013/2014

Say hello to your 2013/2014 Exec Team!

Jessica Naka | President

Fun Facts:

I love to play the piano.

I come from the geographical center of B.C.








joyce tull about pageVice President: Joyce Tull

Majoring in Speech Sciences and Psychology

Fun Facts:

I love music, being with my friends,

and Vancouver with good weather =)




Treasurer: Anita Chen

(Picture and info coming)

alyson budd about pageSecretary: Alyson Budd

4th Year Speech Sciences Major

Fun Facts:

I’m a musician and I love dance parties

and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. books.


darian strosher about pageUndergrad Representative
: Darian Strosher

4th year Speech Sciences

Fun Facts:

I am from a small town in the east Kootenays.

I have played University soccer

I can’t stand tomatoes!


erica tabuena

Events Coordinator: Erica Tabuena

4th year Speech Science major

Fun Facts: 

I love animals and hunting down obscure diners to eat at.

What I lack in height I make up for in AWESOME :)


me about pageWebsite Coordinator: Victoria Gomez

3rd year Linguistics Major

Fun Facts:

I’m Chilean, even though I don’t look it,

and I’m a huge cartoon and video game nerd.