Exec 2012/13

Meet your SALSA Exec of 2012-13!

Valerie Marshall | Co-President

5th year Honours Linguistics 

Fun Facts: 

I like to eat grilled cheese dipped in apple sauce.

I share the same first name as my idol, Miss Frizzle.

I’m learning American Sign Language!


Jamie Russell | Co-President

5th year Honours Speech Sciences

Fun Facts:

I sing in a UBC A cappella group called the Undeclared Majors.

A highlight from my exchange was learning to make truffles in the Cailler chocolate factory in Switzerland. (So delicious!)

I’m a big fan of smiles and laughing as much as possible.


Anna Klenin | Events Coordinator

4th year Speech Sciences

Fun fact:

I absolutely love drawing and painting. If I had to re-live my life in a different way, I would go to Europe to train in fine arts.




Joyce Tull | Treasurer

4th year double major in Speech Sciences and Psychology

Fun fact:

I love music and play a variety of instruments!




Juan Caicedo | Commissioner of Fun

4th year Honours Linguistics

Fun Facts:

I am currently on active duty with the UBC Fun Police.

I do this type of stuff: http://youtu.be/SV-w1qn_j_s.

I am terrified of bees and very bad at tying my shoes.


Winnie Eng | Web Representative

5th year Speech Sciences

Fun Facts:

I have an obsession with turtles.

If I could live anywhere, I’d love to live on a pineapple farm.

My favourite musical is The Phantom of the Opera.


Jessica Naka | Undergrad representative

Fun Facts:

I love to play the piano.

I come from the geographical center of B.C.


Photos/bios to come for exec members below!

Naomi Francis | Secretary