SALSA holds multiple events for its members through out the year. Our events range from casual social get-togethers to formal information sessions. We hope to not only provide beneficial information to help with your undergraduate journey but also create a community and network of friends that will support you along the way. Find us on our Facebook page to hear about the latest events!


 Annual Social Events

Every year we throw some pretty rad events for you that you can count on for free food, drinks, and good times with friends. The dates, times and locations change, but keep an eye out for the next one!

  • Intro to Linguistics Course Fair (+Ice Cream!) – a chance join our club, meet your new classmates, learn about the Linguistics courses offered at UBC and eat sweet treats while you’re at it!
  • IP’eh Beer Nights – we provide the first round. Need we say more?
  • Halloween Games Nights – pizza, board games, and lots of yelling
  • Wine and Cheese – for the whole Linguistics department!
  • Grad BBQ – year-end awards, poster presentations and celebrations for the graduating class!



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