Professional Outreach Program

SALSA’s Professional Outreach Program aims to help kick-start students in finding job shadowing opportunities and encourage them to actively learn more about potential careers. Our committee has been working hard to gather resources all summer!

One part of the program consists of providing workshops and advising sessions to give tips and suggestions on approaching professionals for observations or informational interviews, as well as preparing students for the job shadowing experience.

The other goal of the program is to connect students to professionals in their area of interest who have partnered with SALSA to offer observation opportunities. We hope that this program will be able to assist students in being more prepared in their future career choices and areas of specialization.

Want to get involved?

If you are a student interested in joining the Professional Outreach Committee to facilitate the workshop and manage the network of professionals, look out for opportunities in the coming year!

If you are a professional working in Speech Language Pathology, Audiology or other language-related disciplines and would be interested in finding out how you can contribute to our program, we welcome you to contact us at!