Application Submission

  • Dates
    • Submission Open: APPLY NOW!
    • Submission Deadline: December 5, 2016, 11:59pm
    • Notification of acceptance (by email): December 2016
  • Abstract format
    • PDF, 300 words max. (including references)
    • Do NOT include names on document
    • Make sure information is accessible to attendees who are not in your field of study. Explain any jargon or unfamiliar terms if used.
  • Abstract Submission: Two-step process
    • 1) Fill in Application form HERE
      • Choice of oral or poster presentation
      • Any comments or requests for accommodations required (eg. Day/time of presentation, extra equipment)
        • We will take these into account if possible, but we cannot guarantee that accommodations will be granted due to program constraints
    • 2) Email your PDF to with the title “LSURC2017 Abstract Submission”.
      • Confirm that you have filled in the Application form
  • What to include in your abstract:
    • Introduction and background information:
      • Existing knowledge and the deficit in the field.
      • Your research question
      • Why this particular research question is interesting
    • Methodology
    • Results and main findings
    • Conclusions and implications


Presentation Details

  • Oral:
    • Presentations are allotted 10 minutes, with a few minutes for questions after each.
      • Powerpoint slides are expected.
  • Poster:
    • Poster dimensions:
      • 3ft high (36”) by 4ft wide (48”)
    • Poster sessions will last 1 hour.
      • There is a must be at least one presenter at the poster throughout the session.
    • Presenter(s) are expected to be able to give a brief introduction of their speech and be prepared to answer questions


For more information and resources: